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Before attending Access Computer Training for the Microsoft Office Course, my confidence level was extremely low, due to my limited knowledge of how to operate a PC. My lack of computer skills disqualified me for the type of employment that I desired. However, my experience at Access Computer Training has been life changing. Kristin’s great personality and her unique teaching style makes learning so much fun. She is extremely patient, and also very professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. The class sizes are intimate, so that you can get that one on one assistance. She provides a safe and fun learning environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. She goes above and beyond to make sure that you understand the material, and will even offer to schedule time with you after class, if you need extra help. Her assistant Carmen is also very knowledgeable, and is there to help as well. The school slogan is “Never Stop Learning.” I never thought that I would feel comfortable behind a computer, but thanks to Access Computer Training, my confidence level has tremendously improved, and I’m still learning.

Yolanda R.
Kristin takes a genuine interest in the students.
She was a pleasure to learn with. I highly recommend the courses available @ ACT!
Warren M.

When you were presenting you used simple terminology and really brought digital concepts from virtual concepts to understandable easily grasped ideas.

Veton K.

Kristin is amazing! Very knowledgable and resourceful. Not only is she an excellent teacher but she is a student of her industry, always learning the new…

Trish B.

I appreciated the incite as to how to claim our business from the various search engines and monitor reviews posted by the various websites whose specialty is giving consumers a voice. I also thought Kristen did a great job presenting the numerous options available to increase our companies presence on the web.

Thomas M.

We have used Access Computer Training on several occasions to train our staff on a variety of the Microsoft Office Suite as well as some custom spreadsheets that our staff needed to learn how to use.

The trainers have always been very knowledgeable as well as prompt and helpful.

I would recommend Access Computer Training to anyone looking to be trained or have their staff trained on a wide variety of computer applications.

Thom N.

Thank you for making me realize I was capable of more than I ever thought possible. You believed in me. Thank you so much!

Taylor C.

This course exceeded my expectations.  10 Excel classes!  Yikes, I thought I hated Excel but now I love it!  Kristin showed us how to read and write formulas and now I get it!  Been working with Excel for years but only for the things I needed to get the job done.  Now I am much more versatile and feel much more comfortable with it.   Her planned lessons were clearly well thought out and customized.  Lots of things we learned were not even in the book.  Thanks Kristin!

Tami M.

Our Chamber training was brief, hence the name Business Brief, but I learned a lot in those 30 minutes. Kristin was on the ball and sent the information she said she would share with us that same day. Look forward to attending additional classes she will offer.

Stephanie K.

This class has changed my life for my new beginning. Now I use what I’ve learned every day and am now able to click on things and figure things out on my own without fear. This training has given me the skills to use my computer with no fear, with making my own forms and filing my work (finding where I put my work lol). I am even now showing my colleagues some things. With the help of Access Computer Training, I am much more confident. I have nothing but good things to say about the class. The way Kristin teaches is hands on which I needed. The students in the class were awesome people also. Her assistant Carmen was so great with having everything up and ready to start the next day in class. Kristin was there to help you after class, before class, any time I had a question on the home work she was there for me, helping and guiding me along the way. I would encourage any one that has a chance to take this class to take that next step and find your new beginning!

Sherri Y.

I’m happy to be a part of Access Computer Trainings free event for seniors – Senior Tech Day – This not only helps seniors learn more about their devices but it also gives us students a chance to earn volunteer hours for scholarships. This is a win/win situation for both our senior community as well as the local high school students. Great idea, Access Computer Training!

Sammantha P.

Kristen and Access Training is awesome! She has been working with me on excel work sheets for the past few weeks and has showed me so much. She is very knowledgeable and is great to work with.

Russell T.

Kristin, was very helpful, patient and knowledgeable of the topic, I am looking forward to our next meeting

Rosie P.

Easy to understand and friendly. Very Patient and very informative

Rose H.

ACT was the perfect place for me.  I didn’t want a college campus nor did I want any classes other than Microsoft Office and QuickBooks.  I didn’t need a degree or any type of certification.  I just needed to improve my computer skills to get a job.  I’m glad I chose ACT.  Beware, Kristin makes great cookies too!

Roberta P.

Kristin is a patient understanding and an awesome teacher. Her knowledge in what she does is on point. She makes sure her students know what they are doing. Kristin is the type of person that is more than just a “teacher” . She pushes for students success.

Monica O.

Kristin is a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable, professional, and very patient. I highly recommend Kristin at ACT for any computer training needs you have. You can’t find any better!!

Michelle M.

Even with a Masters Degree, you still need to keep up to date with your computer skills. ACT is the best place to do that!

Mary R.

I don’t speak English very well and Kristin really helped me to understand in class even with my lack of language skills and lack of computer skills. I am very happy to have a teacher like Kristin. She is the best teacher because she really cares and really helps her students with everything from the resume to the interviews. And I can come back to a class to refresh even after I graduated. She also records her classes and emails the youtube link to us for practice. Kristin is always there to help and answers my calls and text messages when I am stuck on something while doing homework at home. This was the best choice for training schools!! I recommend Access Computer Training to everyone!

Magy M.

This was a great course and I’m so glad I chose ACT. I’m looking forward to success in my future endeavors and know I can always look to Kristin for advice and help.

Latrece S.

Kristin is extremely knowledgeable and shows care during her training classes. She wants to ensure you leave her class with helpful tips that enhance your…

Kellye D.

Very professional and went beyond what was expected. Made learning an easy process.

Kara T.

Access Computer Training has a great assortment of programs to choose from. Instruction is hands-on and personalized to fit your needs. ACT is especially good for those who need to learn just a little bit more about Microsoft Office applications and Quickbooks. After experiencing one class with Ms. Pelletier, I realised there was a lot I didn’t know about using the different programs.

Julie H.

Kristin did an awesome job helping me learn the technology skills. I have been away from it for many years! Carmen was also very helpful with classes and accommodation also. Only negative was that I gained a few pounds with all the extra carbs she constantly shared with all of us…lol!

Jeff W.

I went to ACT because my computer skills were lacking.  I was rejected for many jobs I had put applications in for.  So after getting qualified for the WIOA program I started at ACT.  Kristin worked with me and really helped me gain confidence in my skills.  I’m happy to say I am now happily working and I love my job!  Thanks for making it possible for me Kristin!

Jan G.

“This was the best decision I could have made for the schooling I was looking for. It has helped me greatly in my new job and I’m so thankful to ACT for my new found knowledge!”

Jamie M.

Thank you ACT! Thanks for your patience and kindness in helping me overcome my fear of the computer. I am so much more savvy and able to click around without feeling like I’m going to crash it! I use what you’ve taught me almost every day! My confidence is building more and more thanks to you guys.

Harriet K.

Kristin is a wonderful instructor. Her classes were informative and she answered any and all questions that arose in the class. The handbooks provided were…

Frankie J.

great experience lots of shortcuts

Eric G.

Access Computer Training has the most up to date information for Microsoft users. Not only is the school, location and training hours convenient, Kristin and Carmen are the most helpful and skilled professionals I had the pleasure to get to know while attending this school. I miss you guys and hope the new year brings you much success and fulfillment which you have given to me.

Deborah D.

I already had been working on the computer for years.  But I didn’t know what I didn’t know!  From day 1, Word 1, I thought, “well I know Word so I’m sure I won’t learn much today”….OMG!  Kristin showed me things on that very first day that I never knew.  So many great shortcuts too!  After 10 Word classes, I am blown away with all it can do, and all I now know.  If you are struggling on which school to choose, struggle no more.  Call ACT!  You’ll be glad you did.

Deborah D.

Kristin is an awesome teacher and very caring. She gives you 100% and teaches at level that anyone can learn. If you are thinking about computer class this is by far the best one out there. If you are starting a business or need help with computer tasks for your business then contact her. I promise you will wish you would have done it sooner. Thank you Kristin and Carmen!

Darleen P.

This school is a very helpful institution if you really want to learn Microsoft Office to help further your career. The classes are fun which makes the learning process that much easier. The school is also flexible with students who have work hours that conflicts with class time. The instructor is always available for students when you need that extra help. Overall my experience was a good one and I would defiantly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn MS Office.

Damon M.

“It felt really good to be able to teach a few of my fellow employees some shortcuts with Excel that I learned from ACT. The training I got has help me a lot in this role. I feel confident in my computer skills and know it’s because I learned from the best teacher. Thanks Kristin!”

Curtis C.

It was an awesome learning experience. I had been out of school for quite a few years and was worried about being able to “Do” the school thing. Kristin and Carmen made me feel right at home and I came away with alot of knowledge and a diploma. They were easy to talk to and if need be would go over things again and again.

Christine C.

Kristin is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. Before the Microsoft Computer course I was really intimidated by Microsoft Word and Excel. After this course,I feel much more equipped to continue studies on my own. Access Computer Training was definitely the right choice for me! I have learned so much. Kristin honestly makes learning the computer fun.

Cathy R.

“Kristin is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. Before the Microsoft Computer course I was really intimidated by Microsoft Word and Excel. After this course,I feel much more equipped to continue studies on my own. Access Computer Training was definitely the right choice for me! I have learned so much. Kristin honestly makes learning the computer fun.”

Cathy R.

Kristin & Carmen are awesome! Always left themselves open to the students whenever we needed help. Even at night and on weekends when we struggled with homework we could call Kristin. That was so helpful! Thanks for giving me the time and help that I needed to successfully graduate. I’m now using what I’ve learned everyday and grateful for the experience.

Angela F.

Amazing instructor. Great hands on classes, small class sizes so lots of one on one help if needed. Has great programs, and serves all skill levels.

Amandalyn M.

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