ACT Cloud Computing 300x255 - WHAT THE HECK IS CLOUD COMPUTING?By Kristin Pelletier, MOS, Owner/Instructor of Tampa-based Access Computer Training.

According to Wikipedia, Cloud computing is an information technology paradigm that enables ubiquitous access to shared pools of configurable system resources and higher-level services that can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort, often over the Internet.

What?  Yea, that’s exactly what I said!  But these days, it is critical to the bottom line of any business because it maximizes end user productivity in the way of real-time collaboration and storage. AND, you can upload for favorite pictures and videos to your cloud and never lose it!


Ok, so remember back in the day, we had fax machines.  You could fax a document and in seconds it would reach its destination.  It’s kind of like the teleportation machine used in the movie “The Fly” — only it didn’t work out too well for Jeff Goldblum’s character.  But you get my point.

Then we had PDF’s.  In minutes you could scan a document, attach it to an email and voila!  Then you send it off to your email recipient anxiously waiting on the other end.  Wherever in the world that “end” may be.  But then if you needed a signature on that document, the recipient would have to open the attachment, print it, get out the ole’ pen, sign it, scan the signed copy, attach it to a new email to then in turn send back to its original sender.  Phew!!!  That’s a lot of steps!

Cloud computing, or sharing, or co-authoring eliminates all the above when saving that same document to your cloud where you can then invite others to join you in your cloud to work on that document together, or view a video, or listen to a song, or look at a picture.  It’s that one consolidated place to work.  And the benefits?  Check this out…

  • Auto save – When working in Office 365 apps such at Word Online or Excel Online, the files save automatically.
  • Mobility – Connect to your business anywhere, anytime using your phone, iPad, tablet, desktop or laptop because the cloud is web based — meaning you need an internet connection, wifi or mobile data, to connect.  When connected you can:
    • Create groups within your organization to send messages via Outlook within that group instead of individuals
    • Create an email account that doesn’t give away yours but you can send it as if it were (i.e. info@yourbusiness.com) really sends and receives to and from your inbox
    • You can Skype with your entire group on the call
    • Create a company or departmental site to collaborate and access files and folders
    • Share calendars and assign tasks and to do’s
    • Create a team social page and upload the app to your phone for team communication
    • Integrate seamlessly
    • Collaborate efficiently and effectively
  • Flexibility – It doesn’t matter where, when or what device you’re using. If you have an internet connection you can access your data anywhere, anytime, from any device.  Imagine that!  Now you can work on your own personal time!  Yay!
  • Piece of mind back up – Protecting your data should be of top priority in your business and for your personal things like those precious pictures of the little ones. Backing up your data to the cloud ensures it is protected in a secure and safe place.  It’s virtual so you can’t drop it in a puddle like your flash drive, can’t get it stolen like your laptop, won’t melt in a hot car in Florida in the middle of July, and can’t be stolen like your tablet!  Being able to access that back up immediately upon loss minimizes stress, anxiety, downtime, and loss of productivity — whether you’re an individual, small business or major corporation.
  • Compliance – Whether you are in the medical field or running a small business, where you have sensitive data of your customers, Office 365 can offer peace of mind with legal, regulatory and technical standards of compliance. Click here to find out more about Office 365 security and compliance or contact Access Computer Training to find out more about making the switch to Office 365.


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