By Kristin Pelletier, MOS, Owner/Instructor Access Computer Training

Face it.  Training is usually not the highest on the list when it comes to corporate budgets. It is typically one of the first items to be put on the backburner when times are tough, if it was ever on the front burner to begin with.  Richard Branson has a great rebuttle to the question, “What happens if I train my staff and they leave?”  His answer…”What happens if you don’t train them and they stay?”  With the constant changes we face almost daily in technology, the way we market and brand our business today, software, hardware, medical, industry, manufacturing, etc., it seems training our employees to keep up with the latest and greatest to better our bottom line should be a priority, a no-brainer, a done-deal.  Get it done quicker with better results. Why wouldn’t you?  The difficulty is measuring the ROI on training. Here are some things you and your prospective trainers can do:

  1. Discuss with your trainer the importance of determining ROI in training environments.
  2. Identify and develop questions to determine employees needs – Get them involved!  They’ll appreciate the opportunity to offer their input.
  3. Write training goals and observable (or measurable) objectives based on company needs.
  4. Assess employees skill level and have curriculum customized accordingly.
  5. Inquire about benefits of both short-term (one-time) and long-term (on-going) training and the cost savings between them.
  6. Ask the trainer to help identify items that belong on a training budget to determine ROI.
  7. Trainers should be able to assist calculating training expenses and ROI.
  8. Does your trainer offer Pre & Post Assessments for more accurate measurement of skills improvement?
  9. Remember, sometimes bigger and more expensive isn’t better.  Seek out local professionals who will work with your schedule, budget and overall needs.  Without a lot of overhead, we may have the capability to offer more flexibility with these items than the big guys!
  10. Oh, and about the free part, click here to see how your local Re-Employment Resource Center can help.  There are training dollars within each county for local businesses to capitalize on.  These funds can help absorb the cost of training  up to 100%!  It’s a small amount of due diligence for a great return so check it out!

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