This class has changed my life for my new beginning. Now I use what I’ve learned every day and am now able to click on things and figure things out on my own without fear. This training has given me the skills to use my computer with no fear, with making my own forms and filing my work (finding where I put my work lol). I am even now showing my colleagues some things. With the help of Access Computer Training, I am much more confident. I have nothing but good things to say about the class. The way Kristin teaches is hands on which I needed. The students in the class were awesome people also. Her assistant Carmen was so great with having everything up and ready to start the next day in class. Kristin was there to help you after class, before class, any time I had a question on the home work she was there for me, helping and guiding me along the way. I would encourage any one that has a chance to take this class to take that next step and find your new beginning!

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