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OMG! The world has changed right before my eyes!
Is it me? Or did the entire workforce just completely do a 180?!

I don’t know about you, but I grew up in a time where you trudged your way through cold bitter weather, snow, ice, rain, sleet, mud to get to work! I sound like my dad right now. “When I was boy, I had to WALK 3 miles to school through the cold, snow, wind and rain!”…ok Dad, I know. I’ve heard it a thousand times! 😊

I’d have to dress up every day to go to work! Always made sure I had the corporate outfit ready to impress. Wake up at 5am just to get to work by 9am. And God forbid you were a few minutes late. All hell would break loose. Not to mention the commute home.

Getting home after 8p still stressing over the things I didn’t have time to do, knowing it would be there tomorrow.

Those were the 9 to 5 days I grew up in. But we did it because we had to. We did it because THAT was the norm. Working from home was never even a thought. Of course, we didn’t have the technology back then to do so.

Fast forward to 2020.

A Pandemic hits the entire world and we all go into lockdown. Literally one day me and my students were in the classroom, and the next day we were all learning from home. I was nervous.

Can I pull this off? I’ve got 12 students who are counting on me to continue the learning.“Swing by Walmart and grab an HDMI cord” I told them as they left the in-person classroom for the last time never to return.

But we did it! We made it! We all got set up at home. Zoom to the rescue! We had a few glitches along the way but we adapted. All of us. The students, faculty and staff. What a weird crazy time that was!

Since 2020, we’ve graduated over 150 students who adapted and learned from home. Turns out, learning from home was a HUGE benefit because now some of my students are working from home.

And had no problem interviewing remotely and adapting to their new job remotely. All because they learned from home. Who’da thunk?

Now in 2022, I still get calls from folks who want in-person learning. I get it. But being able to LEARN remotely has given my students an edge in the ability to WORK remotely.

Imagine getting the same learning experience with hands-on live comprehensive training. Still being able to follow along creating Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations and get your questions answered in real time by a real teacher! The phone used to be the next best thing to being there.

Now, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and Webex is the next best thing to being there!
This has changed our lives almost instantly! It has also changed the way employers hire.

A virtual interview?? Whaaaa? And employers are realizing the positive effect working from home has on its employees. More time. More flexibility. Less expense just to get to work and back in a long commute. Spend less on gas. Wear and tear on the car. Get to roll out of bed 5 minutes before jumping on a call.

Well…for some of us. And throw in a load of laundry and defrost the chicken for dinner all while on a conference call. #Notyomamas9to5

Times have certainly changed. But the need for competing in this remote world has never been higher. Join us for our next course where we will dig into all you need to know to work from home with Microsoft Office and Cloud apps, Google, Bookkeeping, I.T. and more!

Live, hands-on, and real-time training! This is not a show and tell kind of course.

This is a hands-on comprehensive course where you are creating Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations right along with the teacher.
A former student once told me that she had lots of anxiety coming into the course but then soon realized it was just a matter of paying attention and following along. That’s it! I agree!

And if you qualify, you may get this training for free! If not, no worries, we have alternate options to ensure everyone has a chance to experience the best learning from amazing instructors with tons of resources, tools and support.

Change the trajectory of your career in the next 90 Days.

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