Computer skills are a must in today’s competitive job market.  Access Computer Training (ACT) is dedicated to helping individuals who are changing jobs, re-entering the job market, or new to the job market all together learn the computer skills they need to achieve gainful employment. Let’s take a look at some reasons why adults of all ages should continually learn and advance their computer skills.

It’s Now an Expectation

There was once a time when someone with computer skills was an exception.  Today, it is expected.  Employers expect employees to not only know how to use a computer but be knowledgeable about certain programs as well.  ACT offers both introductory and advanced training in some of the most commonly used computer programs and applications, including Microsoft Office, Google for Business and QuickBooks, just to name a few.

Doors Open as Your Knowledge Expands

Advancing your computer skills can open doors to opportunities that you may have once thought were impossible.  Knowing more and earning certificates and certifications can help you achieve that big promotion, land a job at your dream company or even transition to an entirely new career.

Today’s Norm

Computers and digital technology are a norm in today’s society.  Some children learn to use a computer even before they enter kindergarten.  Not having certain computer skills in this day and age can actually compromise your chances of finding gainful employment.

ACT works with individuals of all ages and from all backgrounds. Whether you are a young mother seeking gainful employment while your children are at school, already employed but hoping to land a better job, unemployed and looking for work, or are a veteran transitioning into the civilian sector, we can help you attain the computer skills needed to make you more marketable in your job search.  View our training calendar or give us a call to learn more.

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