Microsoft Office applications have become the standard in business today. This Diploma Program provides the basics of Word and Excel and an introduction to another program of your choice such as Windows & File Management, Outlook or PowerPoint. Students will receive an introduction to spreadsheets as well as working with formulas and formatting spreadsheets. Students will have an introduction to word processing as well as learn how to format documents. Then they can choose three additional classes from the Business Applications course. Outlook, PowerPoint, Google or Windows; This Diploma Program was designed to enhance your computer skills and promote entry level job placement in administration.

Diploma Classes

Microsoft Excel 1 – Introduction to Spreadsheets & Formulas

Create, edit and format a spreadsheet. This part 1 class gets down to basics by controlling screen layout options, creating, saving, opening, closing, previewing and printing workbooks. In this class we will show you how to move within a spreadsheet and manipulate the print area. Students will learn to edit data, undo and redo, move and copy text and formulas, use the fill handle to copy or create a series, insert and delete columns and rows, format columns, text and numbers, control cell alignment and write basic formulas.

Microsoft Excel 2 – Multiple Sheets & Formatting

This class is going to teach you advanced formatting to enhance the appearance of spreadsheets such as merging cells, working with multiple sheets in a file and work with multiple sheets by renaming, moving, copying, deleting, grouping and linking formulas between sheets. Linking formulas between multiple files, viewing multiple sheets/files and freezing titles will also be covered.

Microsoft Excel 3 – Creating & Customizing Charts

This class is loaded with fun! Students will learn to create different types of charts including column, stacked, line and pie charts. We will show you how to embed charts and chart sheets, understand chart components, use chart Auto Formats, move or resize an embedded chart, add new information to a chart, change the chart type and format, customize the chart axes, legend, titles, data markers, gridlines, plot area and add notes or arrows to a chart. We will also touch on inserting objects such as text boxes and shapes.

Microsoft Word 1 – Introduction to Word Processing

This class introduces the basics of Word for Windows. We delve deep into the Word interface working hands on with the ribbon, tabs, quick access toolbar, status bar, toolbars, scroll bars, rulers, view modes and more! Students will learn to create, save, open, close, preview and print documents. We undo, redo, move, copy, cut, paste, drag and drop! Auto correct, spell check is more of what we go over. We briefly touch on page setup, margins, alignment, paper size, page breaks as we discuss these functions more thoroughly in future classes.

Microsoft Word 2 – Formatting Documents (Part 1)

This module teaches the user how to enhance the appearance of documents using character formatting. Specific topics include using format painter and the highlight feature, extend or collapse characters, shading and drop caps, control bullets and automatic numbering for paragraphs, and use symbols.

Microsoft Word 3 – Formatting Documents (Part 2)

This class is an extension of part A. Formatting Documents consists of not only text, but formatting paragraphs and entire pages. From page layout and margins, to page borders, page breaks and columns, indent paragraphs, change line spacing and alignment options, set custom tabs, change tab alignment and use leaders, add borders, and control page and section breaks we will show you how to create professional looking documents every time!


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