Access Computer Training’s Business Applications Program is a 16 week program geared to provide extensive hands-on training in order to enhance skills for those looking for employment or to be more proficient in their current job. We are committed to helping our students build a solid education that enables the student to immediately apply their new-found skills in today’s fast-paced work environment. This program contains all courses below. Click on each class for a detailed description of what you will learn as well as the class schedule. To see if you qualify for grant funding through the WIOA program, call us today to discuss your qualifications for the grant.  We can help you through the process with your local workforce board.

All courses are designed for beginner through advanced skill levels.  Our goal is for job placement once the student has gradated from the course.  Students will qualify for entry level through advanced administrative positions.

Course Length: 156 hrs (16 weeks) – All classes are 4 hours with a 15 minute break.

Program Introduction & Overview

This class goes over what you can expect from this course, the instructor and staff as well as what is expected of you.  We also cover the manual and Elab and walk you through creating an account and how to upload your homework exercises as well as download the folder of files you will need as you are doing your exercises in the book. 

Microsoft Excel - 10 classes - 4 weeks

Microsoft Excel is a must for any business environment.  In these 10 classes, students will be able to create, format and edit spreadsheets with ease.  Insert charts and use Excel as a database learning table features, sorting, filtering and more.  Students will also learn many of the most common formulas used today.  

Excel 1

Create, edit and format a spreadsheet. This part 1 class gets down to basics by controlling screen layout options, creating, saving, opening, closing, previewing and printing workbooks. In this class we will show you how to move within a spreadsheet and manipulate the print area. Students will learn to edit data, undo and redo, move and copy text and formulas, use the fill handle to copy or create a series, insert and delete columns and rows, format columns, text and numbers, control cell alignment and write basic formulas.

Excel 2

This class is going to teach you advanced formatting to enhance the appearance of spreadsheets such as merging cells, working with multiple sheets in a file and work with multiple sheets by renaming, moving, copying, deleting, grouping and linking formulas between sheets. Linking formulas between multiple files, viewing multiple sheets/files and freezing titles will also be covered.

Excel 3
This class is loaded with fun! Students will learn to create different types of charts including column, stacked, line and pie charts. We will show you how to embed charts and chart sheets, understand chart components, use chart AutoFormats, move or resize an embedded chart, add new information to a chart, change the chart type and format, customize the chart axes, legend, titles, data markers, gridlines, plot area and add notes or arrows to a chart. We will also touch on inserting objects such as text boxes and shapes.
Excel 4

This class will give you extensive hands-on practice in writing and copying formulas, working with absolute referencing and understanding formula arguments, creating and using range names in formulas and use of Trace Precedents/Trace Dependents to see how multiple formulas in a spreadsheet are linked.

Excel 5

Once you have mastered the basics, you can now realize the power of Excel. Students will learn in a hands-on environment how to use Excel database features including sorting information, using a list as a database, creating database function formulas, working with the data form, using criteria to find records, filtering data to show specific records, calculating automatic database subtotals and totals and defining a criterion range. In addition, conditional IF statements, vertical and horizontal lookups and pivot tables will be covered.

Excel 6

Do you ever need to know if you are over or under budget or need to pick out important data from a large list? This class is for those looking to make important data stand out. Conditional formatting helps raw data come to life by controlling the conditions you are looking for such as cells greater than or equal to a certain number.

Excel 7

We show you how to utilize the many templates Excel has to offer. Calendars, budgets, invoices and statements are among the many you can choose to customize. We will work with a few of the more common templates and show you how to customize these templates to your needs and save as an Excel file.

Excel 8

In this class, students learn about Logical Functions using “IF” Statements.  We provide multiple scenarios and examples using IF functions explaining how a logical test is created then if true will give one answer and if NOT true will give another.  “IF” statements are widely used in business today.  Understanding, reading and writing an IF statement will be accomplished in this class.

Excel 9

Shortcuts, tips & time-savers

Excel 10 - Shortcuts, Tips & Timesavers

Shortcuts, tips & time-savers

Microsoft Word - 10 classes - 4 weeks

To complete the Business Applications Program or to receive targeted Word Processing classes, the entire Word series of workshops is created to give the student the word processing skills needed to maintain a successful and efficient office environment. Microsoft Word is the most commonly used word processing software in business today. Whether for personal or business use, Microsoft Word has many features and functions that allow for versatility and ease when creating documents. From formatting lengthy documents to inserting table of contents and working with mail merge, Word has it all. The 9-class program will help anyone from beginner to advanced users learn to do tasks easier and quicker using real life scenarios. An important component to any business environment is proficiency in many of the applications used in business today. Extensive knowledge in Microsoft Word will compliment any resumè.

Word 1 - Intro to Word Processing

This class introduces the basics of Word for Windows. We delve deep into the Word interface working hands on with the ribbon, tabs, quick access toolbar, status bar, toolbars, scroll bars, rulers, view modes and more! Students will learn to create, save, open, close, preview and print documents. We undo, redo, move, copy, cut, paste, drag and drop! Auto correct, spell check are more of what we go over. We briefly touch on page setup, margins, alignment, paper size, page breaks as we discuss these functions more thoroughly in future classes.

Word 2 - Character formatting

This module teaches the user how to enhance the appearance of documents using character formatting. Specific topics include using format painter and the highlight feature, extend or collapse characters, shading and drop caps, control bullets and automatic numbering for paragraphs, and use symbols.

Word 3 - Paragraph formatting

Formatting Documents consists of not only text, but formatting paragraphs and entire pages. From page layout and margins, to page borders, page breaks and columns, indent paragraphs, change line spacing and alignment options, set custom tabs, change tab alignment and use leaders along with bullets & numbering options too.  We will show you how to create professional looking documents every time!

Word 4 - Working with Tables

Learn to create templates for repetitive type documents and use the table feature to create list or forms. Each student will learn in a hands-on environment how to create and manage tables by inserting/deleting columns or rows, adjust column width and spacing, change the text direction, control borders, shading and color, split and manage cells, draw and erase cell borders, perform table calculations, sort text or numbers, and use Table Auto Format to create complex tables. Additional topics will include creating fill-in form documents with tables or form letters, creating and using templates and customizing toolbars.

Word 5 - Section breaks, graphics, newsletters

Publisher isn’t the only game in town. Did you know you can navigate Word to easily create newsletters and work with graphics too? Not all versions of MS Office come with Publisher but you can use Word for most of the same features Publisher offers. Create newsletters, certificates and invitations using features such as column breaks, Drop Cap or page border, insert pictures from Illustrations Gallery, create WordArt, rotate or align objects, create text boxes, enhance object appearance by changing colors, add a shadow or 3-D effect, group/ungroup objects and control the layering of objects in a document.

Word 6 - Mail Merge

Customize form letters or maintain a mailing list to create labels and envelopes. Specific topics will include creating a form letter with merge codes, maintain a database of names, addresses, etc, merge labels or envelopes, create a catalog or list, use queries to select data, sort data files alphabetically or numerically, merge a Word document with data from Access or Excel.

Word 7 - Finding/Creating/Editing Templates

Students will learn how to use pre-set templates and edit them to customize to their needs. Here, students learn to create, save and edit templates and save to documents. Cover pages, invoices, resumes and more!

Word 8 - Working with long documents

Working with multiple page documents can be daunting when navigating or making changes.  Students will learn how to find and edit specific pages or text quickly.  Bookmarking, creating headers & footers, table of contents, track changes and comments will be covered.

Word 9 - Shortcuts, tips and timesavers

We will show students how to quickly navigate Word by showing you great shortcuts such as Autocorrect and Macros. Create AutoText entries to recall repetitive blocks of text and record Macros to play repetitive keystrokes for quicker entries.  Shortcuts keys as well as Alt keys will also be covered.

Word 10 - Review and Quiz

Now that you’ve gone through 36 hours of Word, this final Word class addresses any of the tasks we’ve covered and gives the students time to get any questions answered as well as review anything they might have missed or have questions on.  This is also a good time for a little competition to see how much you’ve learned.  A fun interactive quiz is included in this class as well.

Microsoft PowerPoint - 2 classes

These classes will cover the basics of PowerPoint.  Creating, editing and navigation slide presentations using all of the old and some of the new features like 3D models.  Transitions, Animations, inserting objects, slide views, hiding, deleting and inserting new slides and changing slide layouts as well as working in slide master will be covered

PowerPoint 1 - Intro to slide presentations

Students will learn to create presentations, add new slides and know the difference between slide layouts and how to change the layout. We will show you how to navigate through each slide with ease as well as save, close and open files and select, edit, redo and undo slides and objects. We talk about the various slide views, how to bullet your content within a slide, change designs, add objects and create a photo album.

PowerPoint 2 - Slide Master, Transitions, Animation, Effects & Objects

Students will learn to create slide show effects such as transitions between slides and animations within a slide. Students work with themes and color schemes and control the color of the slide show as well as work with the slide master, add text into shapes. Print various types of handouts and notes pages as well.

Microsoft Publisher - 2 classes

Microsoft Publisher is known for its ability to create great looking publications such as brochures, newsletters and flyers.  Publisher is easy to navigate and comes with most Office subscriptions.

Publisher 1 - Intro to desktop publishing

Create impressive, professional looking documents with Microsoft Publisher! Let’s get creative!  We will work with Publisher templates and show how you can create brochures, newsletters, greeting cards, ads, signs, invitations, gift certificates, calendars as well as personalize them.

Publisher 2 - Formatting & Working with Objects

The student will learn how to control different types of objects including text boxes, WordArt, ClipArt, basic and custom shapes as well as grouping, layering and rotating objects. Add bullets to paragraphs, use format painter, page parts, group and ungroup objects as well as rotate and flip objects will be covered here.

Microsoft Outlook - 4 classes

Microsoft Outlook offers true desktop management.  We cover common email options, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks

Outlook 1 - Email

This class will include an overview of the different desktop tools including using Email, tracking appointments in the Calendar, keeping a Task List for “to do” items, using the Contacts module to maintain addresses and phone numbers and creating sticky notes to record important information.

Outlook 2 - Contacts

Taking basic email function Specific topics include creating distribution lists, using voting buttons, working with signature files and out of office assistant, creating and using rules, integrate Outlook contacts with Word to create envelopes and letters, use field chooser and customize views in Outlook and set up and use the Journal feature to track activities you want recorded on a time line.

Outlook 3 - Calendar

In this class, we go beyond the essential email and calendar functions. You will learn more about the options menu and how to customize your signatures and themes for email as well as out of office assistant, creating and using rules, customizing views, and setting up the journal, tasks and notes features

Outlook 4 - Tasks, notes & more

Taking Outlook to a new level with changing views, creating and managing rules, out of office assistant, voting buttons and creating email templates

Windows 1 - Working in Windows OS

Geared for the Windows 10 operating system, this class focuses greatly on navigating this new and very different operating system. From opening and closing apps, to customizing your start menu, we walk you through all that you will need to learn in Windows 10 with little to no frustration. You will learn many shortcuts to get you around both your start menu and your desktop. How to toggle between the two as well as between open apps quickly. Search, customize and navigate will be the focus in this class.

Windows 2 - File Management

We have specifically designed this workshop for those who have a basic understanding of computers and have been working with Windows OS. Students will learn about copying and pasting, as well as using paste link; creating, moving, copying, renaming and deleting files; cd’s, dvd’s, flashdrives, copy and move to different drives and folders, create, delete, rename, expand and collapse folders as well as save folders as shortcuts to the desktop.

Google Chrome and settings

We will show you how to navigate the most popular browser on the internet today.  You will learn how to Bookmark, get into settings and password management as well.  We will walk you through your Chrome App Launcher and how to download cool apps and extensions for a more diversified Chrome experience.  Syncing your google account across your devices so you can see your contacts, mail and calendar no matter what device you are on will also be discussed

Google Mail & Calendar

Mail – You already have a Google account, Great!  Now it’s time to take your mail and calendar to the next level.  Here, we show you how to customize your interface, organize your emails, and realize all that you can do with Google mail.  We will delve into the settings and show you where to go to sync all of your other email accounts into Google (just like Outlook!), how to customize conversations, create, organize and rename labels (i.e. folders), sort mail, search mail, change your theme, create a signature and more!  This is where you get Google Mail to measure up to Outlook.

Calendar – Customize your calendar interface, create, edit and delete appointments, invite others, share calendars with others, import and export calendars, add Birthdays, Weather widget and Holidays.  We will go through the settings menus and point out features such as creating a new calendar, Mobile setup, various “labs”, “jump to” date, year calendar and more!  We will also talk about tasks, how to create tasks and subtasks, cross off a task once completed, delete or rename a task as well as add notes and a due date.  We will also discuss tackling tasks as a team and assigning specific tasks to others.


Google Drive & Docs

Google Drive is your exclusive Cloud storage which comes complete with Google Docs, Sheets, Slide Drawings and more, and your first 15GB is FREE!  In this class, we show you how to install these faux Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher) on all your devices and work inside your Google Drive account creating and editing documents while sharing with others too so they can do the same (or not). You choose!  Create and rename files and folders just like you do on your PC.  And when you’re finished, the change is there across all your devices!  You will have a much better grip on how your team can work together in the cloud.

Goal setting

Using proven strategies to create, but moreso, achieve your goals, this class shows you how to make your goals S.M.A.R.T.  We give you the tools and insight that you need to strategize and achieve your goals.  Whether it be your career, health or finances we believe that spending time on your goals will prove extremely beneficial no matter what that goal is.  

Time Management

We could all use more time in our day.  This class shows you how to strategize in avoiding distractions and unexpected or unscheduled events that can occur throughout your day.  Technology plays a big role in being a distraction as does people.  We can be our own biggest distraction too!  We will show students how to avoid distractions, engage when possible, ignore when necessar and adjust your behavior if necessary.

Resume Building Workshop

Your resume is the employers first impression of you.  In this workshop, we give you the tools you need to ensure you stand out from the rest.  Online resources as well as other tips and tricks to make sure you’re resume passes the ATS criteria and is seen by the decision makers.  


Linkedin is a powerful employment tool used for recruiting qualified candidates, B2B as well as employees searching for jobs.  Employers and recruiters use Linkedin to find you.  This class is to ensure you are found.  What should  your LinkedIn profile say about you?  We’ll go over setting up your profile so that you are visible, connecting with others, following companies and finding jobs all using LinkedIn.

Mock Interview

This day is your day to bring what you’ve learned to the table and sell yourself.  After we’ve gone over the resume building and LinkedIn workshops, the Mock Interview is a day to role play and put your newly found skills of selling yourself to practice.  Here, we provide constructive feedback and score you on 6 different aspects of the interview.  We give you helpful hints so that you seal the deal when it comes time for the real interview!


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