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Robyn Green
19:25 24 Apr 20
Wow!! What an awesome training experience. It's been years since I was in a classroom setting to learn anything. Kristin Pellitier, the instructor and Carmen Ruiz, her Admin, made you feel at home the minute you walked into the classroom. There were snacks, drinks and computers we could use. I was apprehensive as to my learning abilities but Kristin made it so easy to learn and she was so patient when questions were asked or you fell behind. She loves all her students and it shows in her enthusiasm toward each student. When we had to go from the classroom to virtual classes, not a beat was missed. It was as if we had always been doing the classes virtually. It wasn't as much fun as being in the classroom but I think everyone adapted very well. From being through 3 months of her training in Microsoft Office, Google, File Management, resume/interview skills and Google I can definitely say I am proficient in all of them. The learning is intense but between the book, the classroom instruction, and videos of the classes through Google Classroom, you can easily understand. Whatever your schedule was after class, you had access to the videos 24/7. We also had access to Kristin and Carmen, when we weren't in class, by having their cell phone numbers.I thank you Kristin and Carmen for everything. I want to take more! Maybe one day.
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Lauren Heinsch
16:20 22 Oct 19
Received a thorough education in MS Office and QuickBooks in just 3 months. Kristin and Carmen create a warm and friendly environment, while keeping you on track and comfortable with the class pace. They are always there for you, even after graduation, to answer your questions and help you succeed. Highly recommend.
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Rose Labayen
16:17 19 Aug 19
The school is a unique set up for EVERY student's needs!!!
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Rose Torres-Labayen
07:17 10 Jun 19
Offers variety of Courses needed to be job ready. Other than the Technical education, she also addresses Personal Development. Kristin & her Staff are very professional & feels like my family. They work alongside with you to make things work. Navigating through tight schedules appear to be manageable. Thank you all!
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Amy Will
22:37 01 Jun 19
I highly recommend this school. Kristin Pelletier,  is a very knowledgeable, brilliant instructor. She goes above and beyond .she is thorough,  she always makes sure that you understand, and if you don't, she goes one on one with you until you get it. She presents her lessons in a clear, structured and fun way. She dedicates most of her time to her students. If you get stuck doing homework , you can reach out to her and she's always available to help. She is an inspirational educator. The office stuff, Carmen, is very friendly and very helpful . My first phone call with Carmen changed my life in a very positive way. I am very GRATEFUL to her. She was very helpful and guided me through the process of getting enrolled. Thank you ACCESS COMPUTER TRAINING, you brought my limited computer skills to a whole new level !
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Monica Ortega
23:05 13 Mar 19
Kristin is a patient understanding and an awesome teacher. Her knowledge in what she does is on point. She makes sure her students know what they are doing. Kristin is the type of person that is more than just a "teacher" . She pushes for students success.
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V Leigh
18:23 18 Nov 18
I can highly recommend Access Training Computer training whether you are an absolute novice or have years of experience with computers and MS Office programs. Kristin teaches at each student's level and is a fount of wisdom and experience in the programs she offers. She is incredibly generous with her knowledge and gives 150% to both her classes in general and her students individually so that they can succeed in whatever they attempt. The culture that Kristin maintains is both professional and deeply caring and very supportive to each student. She shares a real passion for the subject and the success that such skills will bring to anyone who applies the training that she gives.
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Ginger Skinner
14:55 18 Nov 18
This was a wonderful experience for me. Kristen goes above and beyond for her students. She gave me the best advise while I was looking for a job. She helped with my resume and most of all with my interviewing skills. No matter what day or time she is an awesome support system for us older kids. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be one of her students. I knew so little about the microsoft programs when I started and now I find myself utilizing those skills learned. Thank you Kristen for everything you do.
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Debra Smith
22:03 17 Nov 18
This is a place that makes learning a pleasure. I didnt want to graduate. Kristin, the instructor is caring and very patient. Thanks for the experience.
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21:00 16 Nov 18
This was the best thing I ever did for myself. The Classes were small so it was personal. The computer training exceeded my expectations. I graduated feeling like I had really accomplished my goals of getting my computer skills to the next level in Microsoft Office. Highly recommended.
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Jamie Murwin
15:40 13 Nov 18
Kristin is one of the best teachers, I ever had. She explained everything so well and you could always go back and look at the video from the classes. She's very thorough while teaching you everything you would need to know to start a great new career.
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