Diploma Programs

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What are Diploma Programs?

Diploma programs are bundled classes that consist of multiple classes/courses in one program. There are six Diploma Programs in all. The Business Applications Program is our most extensive course and is approximately 4 months in course length. Inclusive of all business classes, Business Applications is geared to provide intense hands-on training in order to enhance skills for those looking for employment or to be more proficient in their current job. Or, to hone in on more specific skills such as working with QuickBooks, students are able to register for alternate Diploma Programs such as QuickBooks. Access Computer Training is committed to helping our students build a solid education that enables the student to apply their skills in today’s fast-paced work environments.

Who are Diploma Programs for?

All of the Diploma Programs were created for those looking to re-enter into the job market who are in need of skills necessary to be competitive as well as for those who may already be working in an office environment and are looking to be more proficient on the job. Either way, Access Computer Training remains diligent in keeping up with the latest technology so the software we teach, is the software used in most businesses today.  The Business Applications program is designed for entry level jobs up to higher office positions.

When are Diploma Programs offered?

Each program rotates approximately three to four times per year and varies in course length. You can start in part 1 of any of the courses and work with us until you have completed all courses within the program. See our calendar to check out class schedules as days and times may vary from previous sessions.

How do I sign up for a Diploma Program?

Easy, you can simply click on the program of your choice to the left and register and pay right from this website. Or, if you are a displaced worker, or an employer needing training for an employee, you can contact your local CareerSource office for more information on how to get your training funded through WIOA, or reimbursed through the EWT program. We work closely with the local CareerSource and Vocational Rehab offices to guide you through the process.