Once an employee completes their onboarding, they are often not afforded additional opportunities to keep their skills sharp and up to date.  Access Computer Training (ACT) gives companies the resources they need to offer ongoing training to their employees. Best of all, thanks to local workforce grants such as the Employed Worker Training Program and Incumbent Worker Training Program, companies may qualify for low cost or free computer training.  Imagine being able to offer your employees the opportunity to enhance their skills with Microsoft Office training, Microsoft Excel training, QuickBooks training and more without it costing your company a small fortune.

ACTs low cost and free computer training courses are a must, especially as technology continues to evolve.  Let’s take a look at how a small investment can make a significant impact on productivity and employee satisfaction:

Keeps Workers Ahead of the Curve

ACTs computer training is designed to keep your employees ahead of the curve. New features and capabilities are being added all the time. Microsoft Office training, Microsoft Excel training, QuickBooks training, etc. all cover the latest versions of software to ensure the skills of your employees remain current.

Allows Your Company to Take Advantage of Valuable Resources

ACT stays on top of the latest trends and resources available to enhance the skills and performance of your employees.  Students in our computer training classes often become aware of valuable resources and information that they bring back to their jobsites and apply to their work.

Enhances Confidence

When employees have a comprehensive understanding of the software and programs they use, their confidence increases.  Confident employees are often satisfied employees!

ACT can help you apply for local workforce grants including the Employed Worker Training Program and Incumbent Worker Training Program grants which allow companies access to low cost and/or free computer training.  ACT conducts our computer classes at our classroom in Lutz, Florida, or, if you prefer, we can come to your location.  Are you ready to help fuel the success of your employees? If so, give us a call today!



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