We understand the common fears adults face when considering whether or not computer training is right for them. On one hand, status quo tends to be comfortable.  On the other hand, it is that status quo that keeps many people from moving forward and reaching their full potential. Let’s address some common fears and obstacles that keep people from seeking computer training opportunities.

Fear of Technology

Technology has advanced so much over the past several years that it can be challenging to keep up. Those of us who were not born with a smartphone in our hands often find technology to be intimidating, to say the least. Our computer training, especially our computer classes for beginners, are designed to help ease your fear of technology and empower you to use it to improve your employment prospects.

Fear of Making a Mistake

Many people who come to our computer training classes are fearful at one time or another of making a mistake when using the programs.  Our computer classes for beginners and software computer training (i.e. Microsoft Office training, Microsoft Excel training, QuickBooks training, etc.) have curriculums designed to help you overcome your fear of making a mistake.  We even show you some common mistakes and how to avoid and/or recover from them.

Fear of Failure

Overall fear of failure plagues many adults seeking computer training. Access Computer Training has a 100% pass/success rate because we take time to explain the curriculum in a way that you will understand. Don’t let fear of failure stop you from pursuing software computer training!

Access Computer Training offers affordable and free computer classes to individuals throughout the Tampa Bay area including Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties to those that qualify for the WIOA program. Whether you are seeking computer classes for beginners or specific software computer training (i.e. Microsoft Office training, QuickBooks training, Microsoft Excel training, etc.), we can help! Contact us to see if you qualify for free computer classes through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act or Post-911 GI Bill Educational Benefits.  If you are ready to jump start your career, Access Computer Training can help. Give us a call today!

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