Training Grants For Businesses

EWT - Employed Worker Training

Employed Worker Training grants are available to businesses by their local county workforce board.  Funding is first come first serve and designed to help businesses leverage their workforce by providing funds to enhance their skills for better productivity and High ROI. 

Access Computer Training provides in-person, remote and on-demand trainings in the applications most used in business today.  You hired them for their talent, now train them for better proficiency and increased productivity. 

Click below for more information or call our corporate training specialists.  We can provide you detailed information about the EWT program and get you started with applying today! 


IWT - Incumbent Worker Training

For-profit, small businesses may be eligible for a reimbursement of up to 75 percent of training costs through Florida’s Incumbent Worker Training grant.

Click here to view the IWT guidelines, or give us a call today.  Our corporate training specialist can provide the information as well as get you started with applying.

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