Student Spotlight: Warren

Challenge: Warren had been in management in Retail Sales working nights, holidays and weekends. He was ready for a change.

Solution: Warren had heard about Access Computer Training through the PPN program at CareerSource in Spring Hill with Tracy Reid Rowe. We discussed his future and that he was looking for more of an office job working normal business hours.

Outcome: After completing his three-month course and within one month of graduation, Warren found placement in a challenging position doing in-bound sales with E-TeleQuote. Warren is thriving today and is at the top of his game in his position.

What Warren had to say about us: Kristin takes a genuine interest in the students. She was a pleasure to learn with. I highly recommend the courses available @ ACT!

Student Spotlight: Monica

Challenge: Monica came to Access Computer Training through Vocational Rehabilitation in Plant City. Her story was a bit uncommon.A few years ago, Monica made choices that resulted in her incarceration. A mistake she lived with every day. After her release, she continued services through her local VR office.

Solution: Monica contacted Access Computer Training looking to increase her computer skills in order to become more marketable in her job search. She spent the summer learning, changing and growing. Access Computer Training helped Monica with her interview skills as this incarceration was like black cloud for she knew she would be asked about the time gap in her employment and was fearful every time she went on an interview.

Outcome: After completion of the 3-month computer course which included perfecting her resume and polishing her interview skills, Monica learned how to answer those tough questions and remain positive throughout the process. We are happy to announce that within 3 months of graduation, Monica found placement as an office administrator not far from her home with competitive pay and good benefits.

Curtis happily transitioned out of his long career in the food industry with some help from Access Computer Training.

Challenge: Curtis had experience in Food & Beverage and wanted to change careers to something more rewarding and challenging

Solution: Curtis had learned about Access Computer Training through CareerSource Pasco Hernado Dade City office. Curtis came to us with a vision of working in an office environment as he was burned out of the food service industry. We helped Curtis learn the office software he would need to be competitive in his job search. We also helped him polish his resume and perfect his interview skills. We showed Curtis how to not only set goals, but strategize to ensure he would achieve those goals.

Outcome: After completing the three-month course in Microsoft Office and within 2 months of graduation, Curtis found placement as a front desk manager with some comptroller and night auditor duties. Curtis was able to utilize his Excel skills that he had learned with ACT and even teaches his colleagues.

What Curtis had to say about us: “It felt really good to be able to teach a few of my fellow employees some shortcuts with Excel that I learned from ACT. The training I got has help me a lot in this role. I feel confident in my computer skills and know it’s because I learned from the best teacher. Thanks Kristin!”

Access Computer Training Helped Darlene Get Back To Work!

Darleen came to Access Computer Training back in January.  She has been unemployed since August 2016 and looking to get back to work.  Then she learned about the opportunity to improve her computer skills thru our 3-month course at Access Computer Training.   Darleen challengds herself and others to “Become a better person, not just a better student.”  The motivation that she has within herself strengthens her to “achieve her goals and to open her mind to new knowledge”. More than anything, ACT provided her with a sense of belonging and belief in her own ability to succeed.

We are happy to announce that Darleen has been offered a job to start not too long after graduation in May.   Darleen now works full time for a company not far from her home making the pay she had expected with benefits!

Congrats Darleen!  We knew you would do it!

Darleen is very happy and has said, “I don’t think I would have had as much success had it not been for the competent caring personnel at Access Computer Training.

Jan is hired on to her dream job just one week after graduation!

Jan G. came to us back in November with a vision of working in an office environment. She’s always had a passion for helping people. Her employment with Walmart was physical and she worked 2nd shift. Jan came to Access Computer Training to get the computer skills she needed to be competitive in her search for a more challenging career. A week after graduating from Access Computer Training, Jan landed a job with the Pasco County School board as a Family Service Coordinator at the local elementary school just a few minutes from where she lives. It was the perfect fit and a great location for her. She is very happy and thanked her success to the training, the focus that Access Computer Training put on her in enhancing her computer skills, perfecting her resume and interview skills as well as her own drive to have a better career.

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