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Student Spotlight: Jeff

Challenge: Jeff had some health issues over the years and is now bound to a wheelchair. The structure you see in the background helps to lift him up to be able to stand where it locks his back and legs. Jeff is a forward thinker, he is a survivor and he is a strong and driven individual. Jeff’s challenge now was finding a position where he would thrive, be valued and respected.Solution:  Jeff worked with Monster.com for many years assisting those with job placement. So he knew the process would come easy to him. But he did not have the computer skills to be competitive. So he came to Access Computer Training for the skills enhancement, but what he got was so much more.

Outcome:  With Jeff’s positive attitude and drive for success, Jeff has found employment through a local organization where he helps others get back on their feet including job searching tasks such as resume building and mock interviews as well as soft skills. This was right up his alley and he is thriving and happy.

What Jeff had to say about us: “Kristin did an awesome job helping me learn the technology skills. I have been away from it for many years! Carmen was also very helpful with classes and accommodation also. Only negative was that I gained a few pounds with all the extra carbs she constantly shared with all of us…lol!”

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Student Spotlight: Mary

Challenge: Mary had been laid off from a job she had for over 10 years.

Solution:  Mary came to Access Computer Training to improve her computer skills but got so much more than she expected.

Outcome:  With Mary’s drive and determination, she landed a permanent full time job as an Administrator with Vocational Rehabilitation in Dade City. Now Mary is able to put her skills to work for her clients and help those in need of jobs find the resources they need to get back to work.

What Mary had to say about us: “Even with a Masters Degree, you still need to keep up to date with your computer skills. ACT is the best place to do that!”

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Student Spotlight: Sherri – on right

Challenge:  Sherri had worked for 9 years in a manufacturing facility where she was on her feet for several hours a day working 2nd shift.

Solution:  Sherri came to Access Computer Training as a beginner to technology. She worked hard and was diligent in keeping up with the homework, the exercises in class and the extra credit work. She was determined to learn!

Outcome:  Before Sherri graduated, she landed a job as an office administrator with the ability to work some hours from home. It was the ideal position for her where she is using what she has learned with Microsoft Office every day. She was very grateful for all that she has learned and can now navigate her computer and various software programs with ease and confidence.

What Sherri had to say about us: “This class has changed my life for my new beginning. Now I use what I’ve every day and am now able to click on things and figure things out on my own without fear. This training has given me the skills to use my computer with no fear, with making my own forms and filing my work (finding where I put my work lol). I am even now showing my colleagues some things. With the help of Access Computer Training, I am much more confident. I have nothing but good things to say about the class. The way Kristin teaches is hands on which I needed. The students in the class were awesome people also. Her assistant Carmen was so great with having everything up and ready to start the next day in class. Kristin was there to help you after class, before class, any time I had a question on the home work she was there for me, helping and guiding me along the way. I would encourage any one that has a chance to take this class to take that next step and find your new beginning!”

harriett taylor sherri grads - Student Success

Student Spotlight: Taylor – in middle

Challenge: Taylor knew he liked technology and his mom thought he would be able to make a living doing something with the computer. Taylor had physical challenges that limited his abilities.

Solution: Taylor came to Access Computer Training to learn Microsoft Office and QuickBooks. Taylor excelled! He was determined to learn and that he did!

Outcome:  Taylor graduated in June of 2018 and has landed a job with Vocational Rehabilitation in Tampa. He is working hard and enjoying his employment where he gets to help others who are in similar situations as himself.

What Taylor had to say about us: “Thank you for making me realize I was capable of more than I ever thought possible. You believed in me. Thank you so much!”

Kathy Fantuazzo - Student Success

Student Spotlight: Kathy

Challenge:  Kathy is our most “experienced” student at the age of 71. She was looking for something part time in an office environment where her bookkeeping skills would shine.

Solution:  Access Computer Training offered Kathy the perfect courses that complimented her bookkeeping skills using QuickBooks and Excel.

Outcome:  After her graduation, we were able to connect Kathy with a local funeral home that reached out to us looking for an admin/bookkeeper. We referred Kathy to them. What they found was that Kathy had experience in funeral home administration as she worked for a funeral home for 17 years! It was a match made in heaven (no pun intended) and the hours were exactly what Kathy was looking for.

What Kathy had to say about us: “You have taught this old dog new tricks! Thank you!” And thank you so much for the referral!”

Tammy Wheeler - Student Success

Student Spotlight: Tammy

Challenge: Tammy’s family owned construction business for over 30 years had gone out of business after the death of her father. She had always worked in the office working with the contractors, permitting, vendors etc. She suddenly found herself looking for work and realizing the need to improve her technical skills.

Solution: Tammy contacted Access Computer Training to not only get her computer skills up to speed, but assist her in creating a killer resume and help polish her interview skills as she hadn’t needed these things in over 30 years.

Outcome:  Tammy started a job a few weeks before graduating. The company was so impressed with her skills that they worked with her giving her hours that worked around the classes until graduation, then gave her a full time position.

What Tammy had to say about us: “This was the best thing I ever did for myself. The Classes were small so it was personal. The computer training exceeded my expectations. I graduated feeling like I had really accomplished my goals of getting my computer skills to the next level in Microsoft Office. Highly recommended.”

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Student Spotlight: Carmen

Challenge:  Carmen had lost her job of 17 years in the medical field

Solution:  She came to Access Computer Training to extend her computer skills with Microsoft Office and QuickBooks to become more marketable in her job search.

Outcome:  We were so impressed with Carmen in class, always helping with the other students, cleaning up after class etc…We hired her! Carmen has been employed with ACT now for 2 years. She has received many commendations from our students and continues to impress us with her “whatever it takes” attitude. She is learning and growing every day and is a huge asset to our team. Being bilingual is just a bonus too! Thanks for all you do for us Carmen!

What Carmen had to say about us: “Thank you for believing in me. I’m very happy help our students grow and find jobs too.”

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Student Spotlight: Cal

Challenge: Cal had come to Access Computer Training because he was having a hard time finding work due to his lack of computer skills

Solution: We worked with Cal for 3 months helping him to improve not only his computer skills but his confidence as well

Outcome: Cal is now employed and loving what he does. He was promoted soon after being hired to a trainer position within the company. Now we mentor each other. Cal has always had a way with words and every email he sends has a great quote under the signature. Here’s one: “Listening is the first requirement for learning.” I tend to agree with that. Always giving of his time, Cal is hard working and genuine. It shows. He is very deserving of his new found success!

What Cal had to say about us: “Kristin Pelletier has a knack for making learning fun! When I began at Access Computer Training, my skills were sorely lacking; when I left I was completely comfortable with the MS Office suite. For both individuals and employers, ACT is Tampa’s best choice.”

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Student Spotlight: Harriet

Challenge:  Harriet had been in the insurance and claims industry and had a fear of computers.

Solution:  Harriet came to Access Computer Training with very little knowledge in computers. It was very intimidating to her but she knew she needed to learn. So she dove in and learned how to navigate her Windows 10 PC, organize her files and folders and work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook! All of these classes were instrumental in her gaining employment.

Outcome: Harriet continued to apply for jobs throughout her schooling. We are happy to announce that she has landed a job with a local insurance company completing claims for Hurricane Michael victims. Her computer skills are put to the test everyday. And she passes with flying colors…every day! Harriet no longer “fears” getting on a computer. She is excited about her new found knowledge and even passes that on to her colleagues.

What Harriet had to say about us: “I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to Kristin & Carmen at Access Computer Training. After 3 months of training (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook and QuickBooks), your contribution to my career as an Insurance Adjuster has been immeasurable. I constantly use Outlook, Word and Excel on a hourly basis, helping insurer affected by Hurricane Michael. Thanks again, Harriet.”

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Student Spotlight: Warren

Challenge: Warren had been in management in Retail Sales working nights, holidays and weekends. He was ready for a change.

Solution: Warren had heard about Access Computer Training through the PPN program at CareerSource in Spring Hill with Tracy Reid Rowe. We discussed his future and that he was looking for more of an office job working normal business hours.

Outcome: After completing his three-month course and within one month of graduation, Warren found placement in a challenging position doing in-bound sales with E-TeleQuote. Warren is thriving today and is at the top of his game in his position.

What Warren had to say about us: “Kristin takes a genuine interest in the students. She was a pleasure to learn with. I highly recommend the courses available @ ACT!”

ACT SS Darlene - Student Success

Student Spotlight: Darleen

Darleen came to Access Computer Training back in January.  She has been unemployed since August 2016 and looking to get back to work.  Then she learned about the opportunity to improve her computer skills thru our 3-month course at Access Computer Training.   Darleen challengds herself and others to “Become a better person, not just a better student.”  The motivation that she has within herself strengthens her to “achieve her goals and to open her mind to new knowledge”. More than anything, ACT provided her with a sense of belonging and belief in her own ability to succeed.

We are happy to announce that Darleen has been offered a job to start not too long after graduation in May.   Darleen now works full time for a company not far from her home making the pay she had expected with benefits!

Congrats Darleen!  We knew you would do it!

Darleen is very happy and has said, “I don’t think I would have had as much success had it not been for the competent caring personnel at Access Computer Training.

ACT SS Jan - Student Success

Student Spotlight: Jan

Jan G. came to us back in November with a vision of working in an office environment. She’s always had a passion for helping people. Her employment with Walmart was physical and she worked 2nd shift. Jan came to Access Computer Training to get the computer skills she needed to be competitive in her search for a more challenging career. A week after graduating from Access Computer Training, Jan landed a job with the Pasco County School board as a Family Service Coordinator at the local elementary school just a few minutes from where she lives. It was the perfect fit and a great location for her. She is very happy and thanked her success to the training, the focus that Access Computer Training put on her in enhancing her computer skills, perfecting her resume and interview skills as well as her own drive to have a better career.

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